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Bloom Bag

From: 1,800.00 for 4 weeks

One arrangement of flowers per week @ ₹ 450/-
Free Delivery every Saturday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm


Hand held bouquets for special occasions


Extra Orders for Mimosa’s Flowers for Special Occasions must be placed via email to by Wednesday for free delivery on Saturday with your subscription bag of flowers.

Orders placed later will be charged on actuals.


Sustainability with every bloom:


In our effort to do a bit for the environment and be sustainable, we would appreciate if you return the bag every week. Our bags are recyclable and can be used for approximately 5-7 weeks. We aim to generate minimal waste while you enjoy your flowers. The bag will be collected by us when the next weekly delivery is made.

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Bloom Bag

1. Carefully chosen and selected to provide you with the best quality.

2. Each bag will contain approximately 6 flowers and 3-4 green fillers to enable you to create your own unique arrangement.

3. There will be a variety of seasonal flowers to liven up your home.

4. To ensure that you get the most out of the flowers, included in the bag is a packet of ‘flower food’. This helps nourish the flowers so they last longer.

5. Once you receive your flowers, you will also get an email from us with some sample arrangements of the flowers from that week to give you some ideas of how those flowers could be arranged and boost your creativity.

For all additional orders of our curated gifting options please place your orders on or before Wednesday via email to for free delivery with your weekly subscription on Saturday.


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